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Take the anxiety and uneasiness out of meeting new people. You’re next business partner, customer, or even your next vendor is a click away. Find similar people to you who just want to build partnerships. Click the Networking link to build partnership or network with you.
  • Meeting and Dating/Friendship:Feeling a little lonely? Want to put yourself out there and see who’s waiting to connect with you? Try our Meeting and Dating/ Friendship site! Instead of another Friday night alone, spend it with someone special who can make you happy and put back the excitement in your life. Don’t waste another day, click on the Meeting and Dating/Friendship link.
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About our Great Money Making Opportunity

Looking for extra income? KeyPostings Meeting and Dating/Friendship not only brings you love and friendship but also offers you a unique money making opportunity. Based on a referral-model, if you are able to get others to join either the bronze, silver, or gold paid packages.

you will receive a portion of the sale. Here’s how it works:

* 1) You refer a family member, friend, or anyone to sign up at http://www.keypostings.com/dating

* 2) KeyPostings receive and processes the new membership

* 3) Your commission will automatically be send to your PayPal account. Be sure to let the person that you are referring/signing up to the meeting and dating/friendship paid packages type in your PayPal account email address in the refer by area so that your commission be credited to your account.

Here’s how the payment structure works:

* If you sign someone up for the Bronze membership at $7.99 USD  which is equal to one month, you will receive $2 USD for each person sign up this package.

* If you sign someone up for the Silver membership at $19.99 USD which is equal to three months,you will receive $5 USD for each person sign up for this package.

* If you sign someone up for the Gold membership at $34.99 USD which is equal to six months,you will receive $9 USD for each person sign up for this package.

* Reminder – You must have a Paypal account to receive your commission payments.
 Your PayPal account email address will be use as your refer by identifier inorder to receive your commission. We look forward to our partnership!

The KeyPostings Team!

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