Terms and Conditions

KeyPostings is an ideal website for almost everything. You can give and view classified ads, grow your business by raising its awareness, do networking, dating and buy and sell anything you want. However, KeyPostings does not allow or encourage its members to post or list anything illegal. 

KeyPostings is a safe community where people trust each other to provide reliable and quality services. We do not want to compromise the trust of our customers by allowing anyone to post anything illegal on our site. Every member of our community should be aware of the fact that KeyPostings have the rights to discontinue your membership at any step that is against the law. Also, any act or post by a member that violates the rules and regulations of KeyPostings will also not be allowed to continue as a member. 

We recommend all our members to provide honest information when using the dating sites. Due diligence should be used when buyers contact sellers for the purchase of any item. Don’t place fake orders or cancel them later on. We also encourage if members decide to meet, they should do in a public setting. We would also like to inform you that KeyPostings is not responsible for business transactions made by the users. The use of offensive or abusive language is not allowed when using networking or blogging websites. 

We promise our customers that we will provide them with genuine and reliable postings and listings. Before you become a member of KeyPostings, remember you shouldn’t post or list anything that is not safe or honest. Our customers expect us to give them a listing of the services they are looking for and if they come across any one illegal or fake listing, it is going to affect the reputation of our business. 

Please make sure to comply with all of the terms and conditions stated above. In case of any desecration to them, either purposely or by ignorance, KeyPostings have the right to cancel your membership.